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High Speed Internet Phoenix, AZ

Residents of Phoenix, AZ have many internet providers to choose from, and each provider offers several plans. Many residents are already using high speed internet in Phoenix, where it is widely available, but some residents have yet to switch over from dial-up. Selecting a faster service from one of the internet providers in AZ has never been easier than it is today, and it has many advantages. In fact, once people start learning about high speed internet, they quickly see that their fears are unfounded and the benefits are too good to pass up.

Benefits of High Speed Internet in AZ

The high speed internet options that are available to residents of AZ vary throughout the state. In more populated areas, residents have access to cable and fiber optic internet; in rural areas, DSL or satellite might be the only options available. In Phoenix, cable, fiber optic, DSL and satellite internet service are all available. Even though each type of service has advantages and disadvantages over the others, they all are better than dial-up internet.

After switching to one of Phoenix’s broadband providers, former dial-up customers often notice the connection’s always-on status first. After many years of listening to the dialing tones while waiting for their computer to connect to the internet, they no longer need to start up their internet and then sit idly by for a few minutes while it connects. Broadband internet connects as soon as a computer is turned on, so customers can simply start their web browser once their computer is started up. They also do not need to stop playing an online game, shopping or streaming a video, in order to answer the phone. The internet connection is always on, and the phone is free to use.

High speed internet is also, as its name indicates, high speed. Speeds vary among Phoenix’s home internet service plans, but they are all well above even the fastest dial-up connection. A fast phone-line connection is 56kbps. In comparison, the slowest broadband internet connection in AZ is 768 kpbs – over 13 times faster than any dial-up service. For those who want an even faster connection, broadband speeds can reach 50 mbps, or more, in some areas.

Many residents would love to have an internet connection that is always on and much faster than their current dial-up connection, but they are often afraid of what such a fast internet service in Phoenix, AZ would cost. Plans start, however, as low as $14.95 per month – less than many people pay for a dinner out in Phoenix. Of course, the fastest internet in Phoenix, the 50 mpbs plans, are more than $14.95 per month, but there are plenty of plans that have excellent speeds and are very affordable.

Compare Internet Service in Phoenix, AZ

There are five different types of high speed internet available in Phoenix, AZ:

  • DSL internet
  • Cable internet
  • Fiber internet
  • Wireless internet
  • Satellite internet

Each of these has benefits that the others lack. By educating themselves on each type of high speed internet, residents will have the knowledge they need to select the best internet service for their situation. Below is a brief explanation of each of the above five services.

DSL internet is the most affordable internet service in Phoenix; most of the high speed internet plans that are just $14.95 per month are DSL plans. While being extremely affordable, DSL still offers decent download and upload speeds. Its speeds may not be as fast as some of the other options, but they are much faster than dial-up internet. DSL is available in most areas, including most of AZ. When comparing deals, residents should ask about discounts for bundling DSL with phone service for an even better deal.

Cable internet tends to be faster than DSL, but it is still one of the most affordable options. An affordable choice for heavy users, cable offers speeds that let most users download files and stream videos without noticing any delay or lag. It, too, can be bundled for a better deal. Most of the customers who bundle their cable internet bundle it with a cable TV subscription, rather than a phone service. Cable internet is also one of the easiest plants to scale to a user’s needs. Residents who find that their plan is too slow can easily upgrade after they have signed up with a provider.

In some areas of AZ, satellite internet is the only high speed internet available. As with any high-speed connection, satellite internet is much faster than dial-up, and there is no waiting to dial up when going online. Satellite may be more expensive than other types of high speed internet, if other plans are available in the area. Where there are no alternatives, though, satellite internet is a secure high speed option that is available everywhere in the United States.

Wireless internet is only available in the larger cities and metropolitan areas of AZ. This is an affordable high speed option for people who want the convenience of having an internet connection everywhere they go. This “take it with you” type of internet does not require installing wires, cables or satellite dishes. At the most, users have to plug in a little stick to their device’s USB drive. Depending on the device, though, this hardware might not even be needed. Most wireless internet plans are month-to-month, which makes this a popular selection among people who will only be staying in an area for a few months.

Those with fiber internet in Phoenix are using cutting-edge technology. Also called fiber-optic, this is the fastest connection available anywhere. Because it requires a fiber optic network, it is only available in some areas, but where there fiber internet is available, there is nothing faster. This is often the preferred service among those who are heavily into online gaming and streaming high-def videos.

Service Bundles in Phoenix

Bundling services, internet, phone and television, is the best way to find a good deal on high speed internet – not to mention on a home phone and television plan as well. In some cases, bundling services saves people money. In other cases, it lets people upgrade their plans to better services for little to no cost. In almost every instance, though, bundling is the key to finding the best packages, which have the most television channels and fastest internet connections at the lowest cost.

Virtually all internet services can be bundled with satellite TV, which is available anywhere. A couple of the options listed above, however, can be bundled with other services.

DSL can often be bundled with a home phone. Even though most people use cell phones, having a home phone provides security and reliability. It will still work when the power goes out or the cell network becomes overloaded. Often, bundling a home phone with DSL is so inexpensive that installing a landline phone as a backup is a no-brainer.

Cable internet is very easy to bundle with cable TV. Almost every high speed internet can be bundled with satellite TV, but, in most cases, only cable internet can be bundled with cable TV. For those who love their cable service, this may be the best choice.

Learn More About Internet Service Bundles in Phoenix, AZ

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